A "Medley" of Home Decorating Ideas

My name is Giorgina and home decor is my passion. 

I love helping people decorate their homes and giving them ideas as I scour the internet and read all the home decor catalogs.

What you will find at Decor Medley are thorough, detailed, timeless articles, pictures, and ideas to help you decorate your home.

What makes our home decorating website different from all the others?  For starters, we've got a wealth of information that will last you a lifetime.  You won't find short, disposable blog posts here that are forgotten the next day.  Instead you'll find comprehensive information on all aspects of home decor, and we're growing each and every day. 


Where should you start?
Here are just a few things to keep you busy at Decor Medley:

Explore new ideas

Get tips on how to beautify your home in all sorts of different ways. Here are some of people's favorites:

home-decor-medley-3Choose a Room.  Maybe you're just looking to decorate a particular room. 
If so, we have some informative ideas for you on:

Choose a Style.  Each of us is unique, so read about all the different styles of decor and furniture and view our pictures.  Find the one(s) that is right for you. 

Share YOUR Photos.  With "Score My Decor," you can upload a picture of your room (or kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc) and let others rate your decor.  You can also post questions for readers to answer, just in case you need an opinion about how to decorate your space. 

Ask your question.  If you've got a question on furniture or decor, we'll be glad to answer it and post it here. Read through our "Ask Giorgina" questions and answers, because someone may have already asked your question for you.

When in doubt, search.  There's A LOT to digest on Decor Medley, so make it easy on yourself and so a site search to find exactly what you're looking for.  

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This site is dedicated to educating you on home decor styles and ideas so that your home looks its very best.

And remember, it's just as rewarding to help people decorate THEIR homes as it is to decorate your OWN home. Let's get started!




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