Old Mirror Makeover?

by Hortense
(Glens Falls, NY)

Do you know how to take an old mirror and give it a makeover?

Giorgina's Answer: Great question! I’ve actually done this myself and saved a bundle.

An inexpensive way of giving a mirror that special makeover involves using pre-taped protective paper to cover the mirror and then spraying Krylon metallic paint (for wood or metal surfaces) on the frame.

The metallic paint comes in a variety of colors and you will love the result.

Since the fumes from the metallic paint are strong, I recommend spraying the mirror outside. Before spraying the mirror frame, place it on a big piece of cardboard to protect the mirror and the surface it is lying on.

Try to spray on a day that is not windy to prevent the paint from blowing around.

Allow it to dry for several hours. You will love your new mirror. Check out our article on wall mirrors for tons more information.

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